WSA 2016.
WIFI INFO for travelers

Annual Meeting of the Wisconsin Society of Anesthesiologists

10 - 11 September 2016 / Lake Geneva, United States

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    • From 10 to 11 of September, 2016 will take place Lake Geneva, United States, WSA 2016, Annual Meeting of the Wisconsin Society of Anesthesiologists.
    • The Meeting Everything ready for The Grand Geneva Resort & Spa , United States.
    • Experts from all over the world will be invited for talking about pain medicine, medical, health care, anaesthesia, anaesthesiology..
    • WSA 2016 is between biannannuallyual.
  • Are you going to let the oportunity to enjoy Internet get away? Are you willing to get lost because you bad sense of direction? Will you survive without Google Maps, your favorite Social Networks or not chatting with your friends and family during your trip?