Rural Quality Conference 2016.
WIFI HOTSPOT INFO for travelers

12th Rural Quality and Clinical Conference

13 - 15 July 2016 / Oakland, United States

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INFORMACION ACERCA DE Rural Quality Conference 2016

    • From 13 to 15 of July, 2016 will take place Oakland, United States, Rural Quality Conference 2016, 12th Rural Quality and Clinical Conference .
    • Issues such health, clinical issues, rural health, border health, children health, health care, nursing, continuing education. will be covered.
    • 12th Rural Quality and Clinical Conference is between biannannuallyual.
  • Are you going to let the oportunity to enjoy Internet get away? Are you willing to get lost because you bad sense of direction? Will you survive without Google Maps, your favorite Social Networks or not chatting with your friends and family during your trip?