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AlldayInternet. Portable wifi for congress, fairs and events AlldayInternet. Internet Wifi para viajeros a congresos sin roaming

Portable Router Wifi

A small and weightless, easily transported router which sends out a Wi-Fi signal wherever you go. Besides, you can be surfing the web at your convenience, 24 hours linked to this Wi-Fi signal overseas not having Roaming charges

AlldayInternet. Rent a portable wifi hotspot in 51 countries

Why should you to hire a portable Wi-Fi Internet?

Basically to stay enjoying with Internet abroad and not having to pay Roaming bills and not being determinate by public Wi-Fi.


WhatsApp in the course of your holidays overseas. Do not get lost with Google Maps, share on Facebook and Twitter.


Each portable router allows to hand out the WiFi signal as maximum 5 devices simultaneously for instance: smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.


Are you up-to-date on hackers steal millions emails due to weak passwords of public Wi-Fi daily? Are you ready for taking the risk?

International Portable wifi hotspot. AlldayInternet


Order your Wi-FI hotspot which will be left at any hotel you are in the congress city. If you are in Europe, the device will be delivered at your home, office or company. The video explains the proper functioning device. We have coverage in more than 50 countries.

Absolutely, I hardly need Internet 24/7 during my trip and stay connected in any place, being able to check my emails, chatting on WhatsApp or Skype without additional Roaming fees.

I am going to rent a portable router.
I really fancy to be CONNECTED ABROAD!


Our customers from all over the world publish in Twitter amazing pics with our Wi-Fi hotspot in renewed places. They tag with #NoRoamingCharges hashtag. Upload your shot! It will be retweeted by us.


Are you going to let the oportunity to enjoy Internet get away? Are you willing to get lost because you bad sense of direction? Will you survive without Google Maps, your favorite Social Networks or not chatting with your friends and family during your trip?

Portable wifi hotspot for conference, keep online in your congress

Now, you don’t need to choose between go out and keep in touch with your parents or friends. now you can have access to Internet and attend your academic congress wherever you are, if you need to travel abroad of the country, you don’t need to forget about, you can access to Internet by a Portable wifi hotspot for conference. In a world where we keep in touch by internet, it's important have the correct device. It's not enough have something which is relyable and functional, it's necessary a device that could be easy to use.

You, that usually travel, and are extremely busy, surely you have put all your hopes in data plans for phones to keep connected while traveling, but, unfortunately this used to go away fastly, and often you should consider the free wifi devices to connect the laptops and tablets being exposed about your security of these devices, the moment gets dangerous when you decide to attend your congress, conferences and internationals meetings, that lose all the information isn’t an option.

Maybe, friend student or professional, you are asking yourself how can be the Portable wifi hotspot for conference useful for me?, having clear that a conference is a meeting of many persons to discuss about a particular topic and this has the quality in this meetings the new ideas are around and the new information is interchange between the experts, so isn’t crazy say who has more information has more power, it's important to be informed about everything in real time and the best option for this is our always and trusty helper the internet. What happen when we travel? When we should stay in hotels? Is here when our Portable wifi hotspot for conferences, if you want to say it, it's essential.

Let's talk about the experiences, wifi that we find in hotels seems like collapse when we more need it or can't stand a room full of people, imagine everyone trying to connect their personal computer, tablets, and other devices to internet using exactly the same network. It means it's almost impossible. When we are in a conference, a meeting, an academic congress, or any other activity like these, it's exactly what happened. So, it's difficult trust an excellent red signal that works in these conditions.

For the people who has been in these troubles and doesn't want to repeat it, and those one who doesn't want to feel it here is the Portable wifi hotspot for conferences. With it you have access to internet whenever, wherever and like you want, without use wirel, without be afraid of someone take your personal information and being sure that your internet isn’t going to fail in the moment you need it.

It's true that is annoying read big quantities of documents about conferences where as the managers as assistant complain about the internet. Almost all conferences, although the ones organized by important companies of technology, have problems with it. The main problem is the access to the internet is something like the last thing in the list of priorities at the moment to organize the logistic, if you are the organizer, your priority is to find a room where you can put all people but you never get worry about the wifi until this starts to fail in an important point of the conference. A good place with the best connection possible could be excellent, but there are other considerations to have into account.

Our Wifi Hotspot is reliable and cheaper than rent internet from the hotel you decide to stay. Our 4G internet has everything to accept all devices that you need in the meeting. The wifi access point produces an ideal connection to surf on internet, check your email and whatever you want. The installation process is easy, in less than two minutes it can be ready to use, the kit give you the internet without download any software, either is necessary has any special knowledge to work it, and the most important we can send it to the place of your conference is, there you can receive and send it back when you finish to use it, we can send the kit to your office a previous day of your academic congress.

Avoid bad experience in your next congress and don’t dude to rent a Portable wifi hotspot for your next congress.

Yes, I want a Portable Router WIFI!